Hello from London!

  • About me

    American actress. North London. Equity.


    Born in DC, trained in NYC; now calling London my home.


    "A brilliant young actress"

    Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Theater for the New City

    Here is a still from my first ever short.

    I am often cast as the insane one, although I am actually very easygoing in real life and on set.

    (Paulina as Cindy Liu in 'The Greco Sisters')


    Here is my New York headshot.

    This is more indicative of what I am really like in person.

    (Courtesy Bill Strong Photography)

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    Our Little Haven

    Indie film makes good. So proud.

    Thrilled by this win, my second time working with director Ben Rider. Please click on the laurels if you'd like more info.

    In The Neck

    A comedy/fantasy vampire short.

    I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be a part of a fantastic new short film. This is a compilation of talent in the extreme, both established and up-and-coming.


    The cast and crew are truly international. My lovely producer is Austrian. Our amazing director is German. (This is fantastic as I love to speak German.) Our cast is British, Italian and then there's me as the token and typical bitchy (or is it 'witchy'?) American!


    The script is fabulous; funny, touching, clever, and satirical. I cannot wait to start shooting!


    Sketches From the Underground.

    Winner at Portobello, Best Art/Animation, 2015

    I wrote and voiced the 'Chinatown' segment in my first collaboration with director Lucas Machowski. The wins continued into 2016 at the 10th Offeliada Awards with 'Sketches' winning Best Documentary, The Journalists' Award and Best Cinematography. Please click on the poster for the official trailer. Honored, surprised, and proud.


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